Support for Children and Families

It can be scary and emotional when your child isn't coping for whatever reason. I'm a teacher but I'm also a mum and know only too well that sometimes it can be difficult to know what to do. I know that sometimes parents need supporting too.  I will listen to you and will always try to support you in working with your child's school to find the best strategies for your child that can work in practice at home and at school.


If you have a child with very complex needs, you will know that the world of SEND can be a confusing place and sometimes you need help to navigate it.  I am here to do just that.

Every child and situation is different.  I have worked with many families over a period of 20 years but here a few of my favourite Success Stories.  Please also have a look at my Testimonials and check out your Support Options.  

Liz Murray and her daughter

Success Stories


Strategies for an able 13 year old girl with dyslexia.

Becky was depressed when I met her and receiving counselling for low self esteem.  She was so articulate that her teachers couldn't understand why she wasn't making expected progress, her parents had paid for a professional assessment.  I read her report, spoke to Becky and her parents and then identified 2 key strategies for teachers to use every lesson, which I included in a one-page report.  I liaised with the SENCo of the school to explain these.  Becky and I spent some time together identifying strategies that she could use too and then her parents practiced these with her.  Becky gradually started to feel as though she could achieve in lessons and that she knew what helped her.  She gradually grew in confidence and eventually achieved an excellent set of GCSE results.

Frustrated learner needs targeted support
Autism Therapy

Successful Review of Education, Health, Care Plan Provision for a 4 year old boy with Autistic Spectrum Disorder

David had a ASD diagnosis and needed support, his parents worked with the school SENCo to apply for an EHCP.  However the provision in the draft EHCP was nowhere near adequate.  The school was not able to support the parents in appealing so I worked with them to write a response to the draft. The outcome was better targeted provision with increased funding.

Simple strategies for an 11 year old with suspected dyspraxia and verbal processing issues

Ewan was struggling. Teachers said he was great one-to-one but seemed to not understand the learning in class. He also couldn't seem to get anything written down.  He was distracted in lessons and getting into trouble.  His parents didn't have a formal report.


I did a focused diagnostic with Ewan; he was struggling with the mechanics of writing by hand but he could type reasonably well.  I spoke with his parents about asking the school if he could use a laptop in lessons and directed them towards a free touch typing course.


School were happy for Ewan to use a laptop and within a month Ewan was producing much better quality learning using his laptop.   After this, I talked to Ewan about his understanding in lessons; he said he struggled to understand instructions when they were given verbally.  I wrote a one-page report suggesting that teachers give Ewan a separate instruction, check his understanding and write it down for him on a post-it. This helped immediately.  As Ewan got older he was able to remind teachers to do this too, taking more responsibility for his own understanding.


'Now our son is achieving so much each day at school...he is now speaking in sentences, wanting to socialise, starting to learn to read and write.  The list is endless.'


Our son was 3.5 years old at the time we were applying for his EHCP (he has a diagnosis of autism and hearing loss) and luckily for us, Liz kindly offered her support to help us through the stressful process.  Liz helped us to understand the EHCP and the process of how we could get the most out of it for our son, she was incredibly supportive and she has an impressive knowledge of SEN.  

Liz is completely passionate about helping families and children with additional needs,  I could tell she knew the legal/policy side of things as well as the practical side because I also work in a school environment and we could relate to the difficulties that do arise in class.

We received our final plan of the EHCP and we were very happy with the outcome and level of full time support that our son had been offered.  Now our son is achieving so much each day at school because of this.  Our son is now speaking in sentences, wanting to socialise, starting to learn to read and write.  The list is endless.

I can honestly say that I could call upon Liz to help me with any difficulties I may face regarding my son's education and she will give me 100% support and advice.

Sandeep Chal


' daughter achieved all of her end of year milestones for the first time!'

Liz listened to all of my concerns about dyslexia and behaviour and created an assessment plan based on my daughter's educational challenges.  This was used to assess comprehension, understanding of phonics, word structures and spellings with themes based on Harry Potter and Fossils.  The outcome was an action plan which was welcomed by school and my daughter achieved all of her end of year milestones for the first time!

Michelle O' Malley
Parent of Year 4 child

'She was a reluctant reader before Liz's involvement whereas now she loves reading in her own time.'

Liz started working with my now 13 year old daughter from when she was 11.  Tally has dyslexia and Liz ensured that she identified the practical strategies which would help her learn in the classroom and independently. Liz wrote a clear one page summary for Tally's teachers to ensure that everyone understood how to support her specifically.  Liz's strategies and liaison with school led to targeted group sessions which built Tally's confidence.  She was a reluctant reader before Liz's involvement whereas now she loved reading in her own time.

Fiona Parsons
Parent of Year 8 child