What is a SEND Review?
Any school can commission a SEND Review in order to evaluate the effectiveness of its provision for pupils with special educational needs and disabilities.  This includes mainstream schools, alternative provisions and specialist settings.  A SEND Review should help to ensure that all young people achieve their very best, including the skills and qualifications that they need for successful transition, further education and employment.  The process normally takes 2 - 3 days.

Why would schools commission a review?
Reviews can be commissioned for a variety of reasons including:


  • To raise attainment and improve progress

  • To improve the quality of provision for pupils with SEND

  • To support effective implementation of SEND reforms

  • To review the quality of inclusive practice within a school

  • To increase attendance and reduce exclusions for pupils with SEND

  • To gain a better understanding of the well-being of pupils with SEND

  • To gain a fresh perspective on systems and provision

  • As a response to a significant change in the demographic or the SEND population in the school

  • To prepare for inspection (Ofsted or ISI)

  • Following a change in leadership

  • Quality assurance of a school's evaluation of its SEND provision

Virtual Reviews
Covid 19 has forced schools to minimise visitors so we have adapted our tried and tested processes and developed a virtual SEND review process, with the option of a follow up visit at a time when it is appropriate.

Contact me to discuss your school for further information and pricing on SEND Reviews.

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