SENCO Mentoring

The SENCo Mentoring Programme is designed to support the SENCo to develop their knowledge, understanding and skills to perform the role effectively.  It is a practical programme designed to be bespoke to the SENCo and their school setting.

Who is SENCo mentoring for?

It is designed to support new SENCos who may not have completed their National SENCo Award training yet, or only very recently, or for SENCos who need support actioning a school SEND change management project.  It complements the qualification by providing the special knowledge required to do the role but applies this knowledge directly to the SENCo's specific school context and provides lots of practical support.  Each programme contains some basic principles but is designed to be bespoke to the SENCo, their current knowledge and the school's strategic plan.

How does it work?
Step one is to agree the programme which usually consists of between 6 - 12 sessions.  Each session is one hour long and uses a video call platform such as Zoom or Teams.

Prior to each session there is a brief preparation task which usually consists of thinking about a focused element of current practice or some reading.

During the session Liz will focus on signposting and explaining specialist knowledge first, for example reference to the Code of Practice or evidence-based research and then work with you to apply it to your setting. This includes examples of effective practice in other schools.

Outcomes of each session - at the end of each session we will spend a few minutes reflecting on key learning points and objectives to develop and add these to your strategic plan.

Please contact me to discuss your needs and to see an example programme.

SENCO Mentoring Testimonials - click here


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Education, Health and Care Plans

We can offer support in all aspects of SEND law.

Working with SENCos: we can support your SENCo to streamline systems and successfully apply for EHC plans.

Working with parents:  we can provide advocacy and mediation to ensure a co-produced plan of provision for SEND students at your school

SEND Change Management

With a wealth of experience supporting SEND change management projects we understand that each context will be different.  We will help you to structure a plan for change in line with your school culture and can provide ongoing support to key staff to make it happen.

Speech, language and communication needs

We can support you to roll  out a pre-teaching speech and language programme, for primary and secondary settings, including CPD for teachers and teaching assistants


We can support with developing autism friendly practice; including bespoke support provision,

 and CPD for all staff.

Other SENCO Support Options


We can offer support in developing an effective whole school and targeted provision for dyslexia that works for all students.


SENCo Mentoring Testimonials

I loved that the course was tailored to suit my needs and my school. It was great to have the option to pick which sessions you wanted from a ‘menu’, although it was hard to choose as they were all relevant.

This is without doubt the best training I have ever received, largely due to the course being personalised to my needs and to those of my school. Liz is professional, extremely knowledgeable and she managed to cram a huge amount of information and teaching into our six sessions, without overwhelming me.

Delivery on ‘Zoom’ worked brilliantly and meant that it was relatively easy to fix mutually convenient times for each session.

Thank you so much, Liz, as you have helped me to feel ready for and excited about my new role!

Mel Redman - SENCo
St Hilary's Primary School

Liz is a highly skilled and knowledgable professional, with a deep commitment to supporting children with SEND. Her advice and support were invaluable in my preparation for the SENCo role, and have ensured that my first year has been both manageable and free of crisis. She is organised, methodical, and has great compassion and empathy for children who fall under her remit. I couldn't have asked for a better mentor to introduce me to the challenging, complex, but deeply gratifying work that comes along with the SENCo role.

Daniel Love

Assistant Head/SENCO - Personalised Learning
King Alfred School


It was so helpful to develop my confidence and have a sounding board.
Liz has a wealth of experience with a real commitment to mentoring and bringing out the best in people. 

Asma Baiga - Assistant Headteacher - Inclusion
Lea Manor High School, Luton

This course is such a useful variation of resources and opportunities to discuss your school setting. Whilst, I feel quite confident in my role and experience, I found this course valuable because Liz provides an insight into a range of ways to organise and better structure the process of supporting SEND. With SEND organisation being such a complex and often difficult aspect of education, Liz offers strategies to manage workload and ideas to inspire you within your own setting. I have put into practise almost everything that we have explored in our sessions together and found that it has really made an impact on my school. Working in the field of SEND, it is an ever changing, reflective process which is enhanced significantly with the sharing of expertise that Liz has. This is a wonderful course for SENCOs who might be either new to the role or who already have experience with it. I will really miss problem solving my school context with her each week.

Lany Lopez, Inclusion Lead

Metropolitan School, Frankfurt