Nessy Fingers is a great, affordable option to learn how to touch type.  Recommended for 8+:

For free advice and support for parents of children with Special Educational Needs, check out IPSEA:

The British Dyslexia Association are a great source of information:

CF Psychology led by Principal Educational Psychologist, Batul Daulby,  provide comprehensive formal assessments.

Liz Murray works in partnership with Batul Daulby to provide a joined up post assessment school liaison service.


EB Education Services provide tutoring for across the curriculum. This successful educational company was founded by Karen and Chris McGillicuddy. Karen and Chris work with a large team of fully qualified teachers and know that a personalised approach is required to enable children to develop.


Available free for a limited time:  Click on the headings below to view my latest published articles and podcast: 


Learning in Partnership for SEND

Flexible and Part Time Working: A Guide

Podcast: Wellbeing in schools:

Check out the Education Endowment Fund for information on evidence based trials and outcomes.  You can also opt to participate:

Also under the Education Endowment Fund umbrella is the Research Schools Network - great for looking at real life examples of schools innovation in all areas of teaching and learning:

Optimus Education runs education conferences but also has a free SEND Blog which contains lots of tips and resources for all things SEND. 

Liz Murray is a contributor.

NASEN is an excellent resource and runs very good value training courses too.  Their regular magazine is worth subscribing to.

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