Children and Family Support Options

Support for family and parents

Pre-assessment Consultation and Plan:

Perhaps you are concerned that your child may have a specific learning difficulty and are thinking about requisitioning a formal assessment to gain a diagnosis. This can be costly and isn't always necessary to identify relevant strategies and support at school.  

We offer a focused pre-assessment consultation:

  •  1 hour consultation; we will discuss your concerns.

  •  20  -  60 minutes; I will complete a focused assessment with your child.

  • Detailed assessment report on request

  • Creation of a one-page plan comprising an overview of findings and personalised strategies for home and school. 

  • 30 minute post-plan consultation to explain and model the strategies in the plan.

  • Advice as to whether a specialist formal assessment would be recommended.

School Liaison Service:

Sometimes it can be helpful to have an objective specialist available to speak to the school on your behalf.  The purpose of the liaison is to ensure that the right strategies are in place to benefit your child. School liaison can be combined with any of the other services.   

The school liaison service would always include:


  • 1 hour consultation with you before the service to identify goals 

  • Telephone meeting with the SENCO or relevant member of staff at the school

  • Post-call feedback meeting to share outcomes and discuss next steps

Telephone consultations:

I am happy to answer any questions on an extended telephone consultation, and will provide support and advice at a reasonable cost.  Please submit an enquiry for more details.



I understand that you may wish to discuss your needs prior to choosing a consultation option, so please do contact me to book a free 15 minute telephone consultation.

Post-assessment Consultation and Plan:

Perhaps you have already had your child assessed and have a specific learning difficulty diagnosis but this doesn't seem to be making a difference at school.  Some specialist reports can be difficult to understand and sometimes the strategies recommended are not easy for schools to implement.

We offer a focused post-assessment consultation and plan:

  • 1 hour preparation; we will read any specialist reports prior to meeting with you.

  • 1 hour consultation: we will talk to you and your child

  • Creation of a one page plan with strategies for home and school.

  • 30 minute post plan consultation to explain and model the strategies in the plan.

It is also possible to include a focused assessment in this package for an additional cost depending on the situation.

Education, Health and Care Plan Advice and Support:

You may wish to apply for an EHCP for your child if his or her needs are complex. I can advise on whether this would be an appropriate step and assist with the following:

  • Writing an application (help for you as a parent or for the school SENCo).

  • Liaising with the Local Authority.

  • Appealing a rejected EHCP application.

  • Responding to an EHCP draft if you disagree with the provision granted.

  • Preparing for tribunal and/or attending with you



Bespoke Consulation Packages:

Sometimes situations require a unique approach.  If the above packages do not fit your requirements, please do contact me to discuss an alternative approach.