Supporting Children to Achieve their Potential


With the right support and personalised strategies barriers to learning can be unlocked.  I offer child-centred, joined up approaches for parents, schools and children with additional needs.  

Liz Murray

Founder of Spotlight Education Support

My Story

I started my career working in education over 20 years ago. I worked as a Head of Year and then Head of English across my first two schools, both of which were challenging London comprehensives.  I was graded as an 'outstanding' teacher by Ofsted and should have felt as though I was at the top of my game but instead I was frustrated by my lack of understanding of those children with dyslexia, dyspraxia, autism and ADHD (special educational needs) and felt it was limiting my ability to be effective in helping every child.  Initial teacher training only provides very limited instruction in this area so I decided to take a step back and devote time to some more formal training.


I became an accredited  Advanced Skills Teacher in English and Special Educational Needs, leading training, and coaching other teachers, and then was promoted to Special Educational Needs Coordinator and Assistant Headteacher.  I have been fortunate to hold this role across three all-through (primary and secondary) schools working in both the state and private sectors. 

My Motivation

I am passionate about excellent education which enables all children to learn and achieve their potential. 


My goal is to unpick some of the mystery shrouding special educational needs for children, parents and teachers.  It takes time and expertise to properly identify learning barriers and to find strategies that will work to diminish these and allow an individual to thrive academically, emotionally and socially. Sometimes teachers are too stretched to do this properly and sometimes they simply don't have the specialist knowledge through no fault of their own.

I can provide time and flexibility to support where schools and other services are often more limited.  I use expertise and experience to provide personalised advice, realistic strategies and support that can bridge into the school environment, but that, crucially, work in practice for the child.